Spiritual Gift Assessment

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment helps individuals identify their God-given gifts for living faithfully as Christian disciples day by day and find meaningful ways to use their gifts in connection with others through the community of faith. The process helps people understand the nature of spiritual gifts and ways to enhance the effectiveness of their gifts by linking together with others.


DIRECTIONS: This is not a test, so there are no wrong answers. Some items reflect concrete actions; other items are descriptive traits; and still others are statements of belief.  Select the one response you feel best characterizes yourself from the drop down list below the question.  Do not spend too much time on any one item. Remember, it is not a test. Usually your immediate response is best.  Please give an answer for each item. Do not skip any items. Once completed, please note the gifts with the highest scores, and add the attributes to your member profile in Realm.

For each of the questions that follow, choose the number that corresponds with the response that most closely matches how you perceive yourself. Here is the scale of responses:

4 = Consistently true
3 = Frequently true
2 = Occasionally true
1 = Infrequently true
0 = Rarely true

Answer as truthfully as you can. After responding to each question, the values in scoring grid (below the form) will be automatically calculated to analyze your results, then proceed to step 2 below the results.


The Gift of Administration is seen in those who either like to organize or delegate to others. Compelled by a strong sense of duty, they like to find things for people to do. They see the big picture and work to keep everyone on track.


Christians with the Gift of Evangelism feel compelled to win souls.  They seem to have the ability to communicate the gospel very effectively.  Their concern for witnessing to a lost and dying world is evident.


Christians with the Gift of Exhortation find themselves encouraging others.  They are compelled to give advice.


The Gift of Faith is often found in those with the obvious ability to trust God in the most adverse circumstances.  Every Christian has a measure of saving faith, but those with the Gift of Faith have a deeper dependence upon God and His Word.


Givers tend to be seriously concerned about financial matters.  The Gift of Giving also involves the “gift of getting.”  Those with the Gift of Giving are sensitive to how money is spent and saved. 


The Gift of the Word Knowledge is a supernatural revelation of certain facts in the mind of God, which gives instant and specific information that one would have no other way of knowing, except from God.  It is the ability to receive specific truth from the Word of God.


The Gift of Leadership, much like the Gift of Administration, is evident in those who demonstrate an unusual ability to influence others.  They seem to have an independent determination to challenge and direct others toward a specific goal.


Christians with the Gift of showing Mercy demonstrates genuine sensitivity to suffering.  They are compelled to help people reduce pain.  They are concerned more with the person, than the reason for the suffering.


The Gift of Discernment is evident in those who have unusual ability to see through a lot of confusion and pin point problems and solutions.  They are concerned about right, and wrong.


When you think of Christians who serve faithfully behind the scenes, you think of those with the Gift of Serving.  They are interested in blessing others to serve the Lord.  They love to help others.


The Gift of Shepherding is obvious in those who really enjoy leading others in serving the Lord.  Unlike the Gift of Ministry, this gift involves the motivation to lead.  Shepherds are compelled to encourage others to work together for the body’s sake.


Christians with the Gift of Teaching prefer explaining why things are true.  Interested in research, those with the Gift of Teaching like to dig into seemingly insignificant details.  They enjoy presenting what they discover.


The Gift of Wisdom is the unique ability to use knowledge in a practical way.  Those with this gift like to combine what they know with a serious reverence of God in order to influence others.