CAMP was created to help you join a community of believers in pursuit of community, accountability, maturity and productivity. CAMP groups meet virtually for 30 minutes a week to worship, hear a Word of encouragement from a leader in the EBC family and reflect on how to live out our faith in practical ways (together and when we are apart).

CAMP groups meet throughout the year on a seasonal basis (8 week sessions, 4 times a year). Ready to get connected? You can register for the current or upcoming CAMP season below.

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Do you have Questions? 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I have to be a member of EBC to join a CAMP group?
    1. No! CAMP is all about community! Even if you're not a member of EBC, we still want to connect with you in an intentional way and come alongside you in your spiritual journey.

  2. Why is CAMP seasonal?
    1. During the breaks between CAMP cycles, our hope is that CAMP groups take to the community and live out the accountability, maturity and productivity that we develop when CAMP is in session. These breaks are an important element of our efforts to incite one another to multiply the breakthrough love of God throughout the world.

  3. Is CAMP only virtual?
    1. Yes. CAMP is a virtual-based program. Groups meet via ZOOM. This allows us to connect our community no matter where CAMPers live. There's a group for everyone.

  4. Where's the link for my CAMP group?
    1. The link for your personal CAMP group will be sent to you via email and made available through our  virtual connection space (also know as REALM). Once you register, we will ensure that you have everything you need to connected. Having issues? Send a message to

  5. What's the point of joining a group?
    1. Fun and flourishing - simply put. CAMP groups are an amazing opportunity for us to learn, laugh and grow together. Give a try!

  6. Can I start a CAMP group?
    1. If you've been a CAMP group for a few cycles and you feel God is calling you to take it to the next level, let us know! We would love to train and equip you to start your own CAMP.